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Our Mission


Upcoming Events

  • BFEG Love Ur Business Networking
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, 27 Mar
    Zoom ID: 4679479857 / Passcode : 978207
    27 Mar, 19:00 – 21:00
    Zoom ID: 4679479857 / Passcode : 978207
    BFEG Love Ur Business Monthly Networking Platform is place for entrepreneurs to develop their skill , get tips on how build up their businesses, learn professional business approach , engage with our experiences business guest speaker, share resources, build on their existing social selling skill
  • BFEG Africa Popup Market
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, 30 Mar
    Woolwich Library of Things
    30 Mar, 11:00 – 17:00
    Woolwich Library of Things, Woolwich Centre Library, 35 Wellington St, London SE18 6HQ, UK
    BFEG Black History Popup Market is Platform to showcase Product and Services of Black Entrepreneurs and small Business owners. It creates an venue for startup and existing business owners to advertise and sell their product and services Through networking, socialise and sharing ideas with each other
  • Africa Craft, Tapestry and Clsy Art workshop
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, 27 Apr
    27 Apr, 12:00 – 14:00
    BFEG Creative Workshops is an online workshop to learn new skills using Africa art.

Knowing Us & Our Support

 Black Female Entrepreneurs Greenwich (BFEG) is non profitable making organisation set up to support Black Female Entrepreneurs in Greenwich with the tools and mind set to start up their own business and move to the next stage and also those who are about to start up their own businesses especially local women who have ideas and talents, but lack the opportunity or platform to showcase and exhibit their skill and work. We equip our members with techniques and strategies to grow and expand their businesses by creating and establishing markets for the promotion of product and services of Black Female entrepreneurs. Our Motto is networking, exchanging and sharing ideas to promote women empower. We are open to partnership and funding that will support and assist our project to support the wider community through our transferable Skill project for young people and women

Our focus is to help you to develop your ideas, however small. We prepare you with the skills to access the government and private sector contract, design the wholesale program, build an online sales network which play a big role in the digital market exploit .

BFEG Community Boutique create a market place for product and goods produce by our member to be sold and exhibit.

It is a unique community boutique which specialise with contemporary African Designed Product, it also offer Consultation and Business mentoring .

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Over 95%

Women in our network are from various black ethnicity. 

Over 90% 

BFEG Aim to Support Black Female Entrepreneur in Diaspora, Africa and Caribbean

Over 95%

Businesses such as, catering, restaurant, tailoring, teaching, child care, healthcare, fashion designing, property, cosmetic, arts and craft.

Over 95%

Appreciate our efforts.

Practical Ways to Support you

Creating a Platform

Promoting products and services

We create a platform for black female entrepreneurs to showcase businesses and expand markets.




Exchanging and sharing ideas


We organize coffee mornings, business lunch, leadership group meetings, boot camps, monthly brunches, quarterly exhibition & sales in partnership with LEAP and other local, national and international organisations .

Our training , networking, mentoring sessions are focused on growth and development.

We support members to be adequately equipped and acquire such skills that will enable them win government and private sector contracts.


Partnership and funding support

We are open to funding to support projects of our members, which are beneficial to the wider community.




Black Female Enterpreneur


Business Mentor & Coach, Accessories Designer/ CEO - LUHOC , Community Advocate/Activist/Leader & Entrepreneur 



Black & White Portrait of an Attractive
Mature Woman
Young Woman with Black Hair
Woman with Braids
Woman with White Jacket

Black Female Entrepreneurs Greenwich has supported women to start up and establish successful businesses

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