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BFEG Community Boutique

Our contemporary African Hand Made Product , Exclusively for Male, Female and Children. 

Clothes, Shoes, Bags Jewries', Cosmetics, Perfumes Beauty & Skill Care, Homes Upholstery, & Interior Décor's , Artworks, Designs & Magazines 

Workshop and Training 
Our Every 5-Step
Black Female Entrepreneur Greenwich every 5-step bling-bling framework goes a long way in directing your business strategies and management , we provide outstanding coaching, training, tools and sisterhood attention to hold you up when you are down and also get you ready for the  next step of your business



Our Power Network is Sisterhood is in our community DNA, through our coffee morning , business lunch, leadership group, boot camps, monthly brunches and quarterly exhibition & sales. partnership working with LEAP and other local, national and international organisations .

Our training , networking, mentoring focus on growth to help you develop your ideas, small in big reality. We prepared you with the skills to land you the government and private sector contact and design an wholesale program, build an online sales network which play a big role in the digital market strategies.

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